Turf Valley's Preakness Celebration Hot Air Balloon Festival


The hot air balloon festival event now known as a balloon glow was started in Albuquerque in 1979, when local pilots inflated balloons on Christmas Eve night as a thank you to local residents. The sight of balloons lit from within at night like giant holiday ornaments is breathtaking, and glow events are now held all over the world. Turf Valley Preakness Celebration Balloon Festival continues the hot air balloon glow tradition by presenting two balloon glows. Up to twenty hot air balloons participate in this balloon glow event. Music and spectator participation make the glow a unique experience.Turf Valley in Ellicott City, Maryland brightens the skies again this year as the Centerpiece Venue for hosting the long running balloon festival. Spectators enjoyed the wonder of hot air balloons, specialty crafts, entertainment, and good food during this fun, family-friendly festival.

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  1. Magic in your 'little world' ~ Gorgeous shots of the air balloons! Colorful!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  2. Such amazing colours in which to explore a big world. Nicely taken pictures.